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Contemporary Counsellor

contemporary counselling

Contemporary counselling is a generative approach to counselling.  It helps the process of change by offering a neutral, safe and  confidential place in which to explore personal information sensitively, in the context of your own life.  It provides a reflective space in which to go beyond what is known and open up new possibilities and different choices.

Counselling is useful anytime a wider perspective or deeper understanding is sought.  There are many times in life when stepping back and taking a broader view can really make a difference. Often when we find ourselves in-between a rock and a hard place or when life takes an unwanted turn, an affaire divorce redundancy death or ..  Counselling can really help when encountering difficulties you are struggling to deal with on your own.

I believe at the heart of successful counselling is the strength of the relationship.  What I offer my clients is a compassionate relationship that is able to skilfully hold and work with often difficult thoughts, uncomfortable feelings and troubling experiences, and in a way that can help you grow from the experience.




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